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BC Blueberry

BC Blueberry

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BC Blueberry is an Indica strain dominant. It is well-known as the descendant of legendary infamous Blueberry strain. The buds are popcorn-shaped with dark olive color and purple-blue undertones.

It has gained awards as the Best Indica at High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2000 and in the Private Growers at the Cannabis Cup: Treat Yourself Medical Cup in the year 2011 in Toronto.

Flavor and Effects of BC Blueberry

The distinct and alluring sweet taste, and pine and earthy scent has given this strain quite a character and are accountable for relaxing feelings and stimulate the euphoric and uplifted mood. When smoked, it provides a long-lasting, smooth and happy high on mind and body €” promising for most cannabis users.

Medical Benefits of BC Blueberry

Many consumers seek for its wide array of medicinal benefits and long-lasting stimulation. This strain can quickly take away any signs and symptoms of stress, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The reason for people suffering either of these conditions might seek for its medicinal aid.

Negative Effects of BC Blueberry

Dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness are the common adverse effects that BC Blueberry manifests after consumption. Therefore, for regular users, these are not something to be surprised about.

Growing BC Blueberry

BC Blueberry is best and can be successfully grown outdoors under the natural sunlight. Under optimal environments and humidity, this strain is a large producer of fruity and sweet as blueberry taste. With these, it has gained quite a reputation among users and growers around the world.

You can modify your soil with quality nutrients and watch your plants take off its full potential. Never forget pruning the inside of the plants to prevent the powdery fungus from taking over. Following these requirements, increases the yields of the strain and assures a healthy plant in your garden. Bear in mind that this strain can handle colder night time temperatures without significantly affecting how much produced.

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