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BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud is a predominantly Sativa dominant strain that originated in British Columbia. It’s a relative of Amsterdam’s Big Bud, a primarily Indica strain. This strain is crossing an unknown sativa strain with its cousin, Big Bud.

Within an 8-9 weeks flowering period, this variety is famed for its massive harvests and extraordinarily huge, chunky flowers. It has deep moss green overlaying leaves with curling brown and orange pistils. These vibrant blossoms are covered in white trichomes, which makes them pretty sticky.

Flavor and Effects of BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud marijuana strain has a skunky, spicy, and musky aroma mixed with a powerful orange scent. The sweet orange flavor dominates the slight skunky overtones upon inhale. A sour aftertaste further enhances the strain’s tastes.

The strain’s high comes on swiftly, with pressure all around the forehead and eyes appearing almost instantly after the first puff. It then causes a euphoric mental high, which enlightens the mind and makes consumers feel good.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of BC Big Bud?

The BC Big Bud can offer a lot of medical benefits to its users.   It helps people with ADHD and ADD symptoms focus and accomplish a single task. Furthermore, the strain’s high promotes cerebral bliss, making it useful for stress alleviation.

Negative Effects of BC Big Bud

The BC Big Bud, like most other cannabis strains, can make some users’ throats feel dry, and having itchy eyes are another side effect of the strain when ingested, over tolerance levels and can cause dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.

Growing BC Big Bud

This BC Big Bud marijuana strain thrives whether indoors and outdoors. It also grows well in hydroponics and soil. This strain is not recommended for newbie or beginner growers because it is sensitive to mold if not properly cared for. Growers must do pruning and trimming regularly to promote lateral development.

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