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Bazooka Joe G

Created by Archive Seed Bank from Portland, this evenly balanced hybrid is from a cross between the Bubblegum and Face Off OG strains. The buds are dense and heavy

Flavor and Effects of Bazooka Joe G

The Bazooka Joe G cannabis strain gives off a smell and flavor that tastes sweet like bubblegum and cotton candy, with a strong and tantalizing dank background. While effects may vary from person to person, this strain has been known to cause a high that starts with a very clean and uplifted mood. Users may also feel tingly and slightly aroused. As the stone sets in, users will fall into a relaxed state. The effects of this strain lull users to a sleepy state towards the end.

What are the medicinal benefits of Bazooka Joe G

Because of its wide variety of effects, the Bazooka Joe G’s also provides a wide range of medicinal value. This cannabis strain is suitable for assisting patients suffering from pains and aches, including cramps, headaches, and even muscle spasms. The strain is also helpful in uplifting the spirits of patients suffering from depression. Another medicinal benefit from this strain is that it aids people suffering from insomnia into a relaxed and calm sleep.

Negative Effects of Bazooka Joe G

The adverse side effects from this strain are rare, but users who may have used a little too much might feel some dizziness on top of the usual dry eyes and throat that marijuana users feel. When experiencing these effects, it is important for users to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.

Growing Bazooka Joe G

The Bazooka Joe G cannabis strain is an excellent choice for both new and seasoned growers due to its consistency and self-resilience. This strain thrives well outdoors, indoors and in greenhouses as long as it is well provided with its needed nutrients.

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