Bay Lotus

The Bay Lotus strain, a cross between Bay 11 and White Lotus, is a potent sativa dominant strain from Grand Daddy Purple Seeds. Nugs of this strain produces dense buds which are bright green in color with amber pistils and amazing trichome content.

Flavor and Effects of Bay Lotus

The Bay Lotus cannabis strain gives off a smooth smoke when burnt. It provides a fruity flavor with a pop of citrus that jumps out on the exhale. The effects of this strain take hold quickly, with users feeling giggly and chatty, especially when surrounded by friends. It also allows users to open their minds to creative and productive thinking. As the high progress, a warm calm melts through the body, bringing users down into a sleepy haze. This makes this strain the perfect bud for social events with friends wanting to relax and have a good time.

What are the medicinal benefits of Bay Lotus

Just as it has a wide range of recreational value, the Bay Lotus cannabis strain also has various medical applications. For one, it is a great choice for users who struggle with social anxiety. It also helps people with depression as it allows them to appreciate their surroundings and the people they are with. Its sedative effects can also relieve mild to moderate pains and aches. This includes incidental headaches, chronic pains, and even disease-related inflammations.

Negative Effects of Bay Lotus

Adverse effects of this strain can include paranoia as the initial feelings of giddiness may induce it.

Growing Bay Lotus

The Bay Lotus cannabis strain is recommended for indoor and greenhouse growth. However, this strain also demonstrates good growth in outdoor settings, especially under temperate climates. With the needed lighting, nutrients, attention, and humidity it needs, the strain can bring high yields after 9 weeks of flowering.

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