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Batman OG

This breed hasn’t revealed its background, but it surely is a potent Indica strain. It delivers calmness and sedation to its consumers. It has a hard-hitting effect that can be considered similar to the powerful persona from DC Universe, which it got its name from. This is a crowd-pleaser as users experience tingly sensations and utter relaxation. Smokers who have been puffing a lot of weeds can really enjoy its attributes. But beginners should slow down on the dose that they take.

The spade-shaped buds are in rich purple with bright green flowers. It has orange and yellow hair that give contrast to the trichomes in amber color. Aside from being a medium of enjoyment for some, it also works well as medication, and it can be an aphrodisiac too.

Flavor and Effects of Batman OG

It has a pungent smell that intrudes your nostrils with dank earth and sour skunk with a few floral hints. The smoke has earthy flavor together with pine and skunk. You’ll know that the high has resided in your system as you start feeling happy. Users may feel creative, but haziness interferes. The body stone will creep in your system, and it will take you to relax sedation.

As you relish in its sedative relaxation, you become giggly as libido is activated.

 Medical Benefits of Batman OG

This strain possesses extreme sedation, so it’s amazing in dealing with muscle pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. It can also call forth hunger, so it’s a remedy for any digestive issues, nausea and appetite loss. It is also widely prescribed for those who have anorexia and glaucoma. People who smoke this strain can gain good and quality sleep so it can end any possibility of insomnia.

 Negative Effects of Batman OG

Batman OG is recommended for advanced smokers. Newbies can have this strain, but they must smoke this with caution. The usual side effects that are irritated eyes and dry mouth can be prevented by drinking plenty of water to retain moisture in the body.

 Growing Batman OG

This plant thrives outdoors and indoors, and growers should know the proper amount of nutrients and water. They should have enough knowledge when it comes to trimming and pruning. These processes will help you enhance the quality of harvest aside from making it look better. It can let the trichomes develop richer content.

Trimming can be done several days before harvest. You can trim it using a machine since this plant grows from medium to tall height, or you can do it manually. Wet trimming can be done, so sugar leaves will extend outwards due to the moisture. They can be easily removed during the harvest. Other advantages are having more aesthetic and tighter products, and the drying process will be faster.

Best Place To Buy Batman OG

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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