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Barbara Bud

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House of the Great Gardener selected the strains carefully to create a good-looking strain with a frothy bud in rich crystal trichomes that delivers a delightful aroma. Afghani and Shishkaberry were chosen to create this hybrid strain. It is therapeutically supported by its sedative effect, so it won numerous awards across Europe and Canada in different Cannabis cups. It is quite modest, so beginners are welcome to try this weed.

 Flavor and Effects of Barbara Bud

Both the scent and taste inclines to fruity essence with bubblegum into it. It’s truly delightful as it is smooth and mild on the lungs. The uplifting mental high precedes energizing buzz, so users become clever in accomplishing their tasks. It gives full-bodied relaxation that gets into every muscle fiber.

 Medical Benefits of Barbara Bud

Its soothing effect gets rid of stress and relieves pain in mild cases. It can induce drowsiness so those who find it hard to get some sleep can benefit from it. It can boost appetite, so there’s no reason to consider feeding oneself a problem.

 Negative Effects of Barbara Bud

The usual adverse reactions are dry, itchy eyes, and cottonmouth. Somehow, this strain is not easy to handle so some consumers may experience dizziness, anxiety or have a headache.

 Growing Barbara Bud

It thrives both indoors and outdoors as there would be no difference when its flowers become swollen and bulbous. There’s a need to support its branches and stalks so they won’t bend. Growers can make use of wires, strings, and plant yoyos to assist its structure.

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