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Bangi Haze

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Bangi Haze strain by Ace Seeds is an active sativa with old-world heredity. An F8 sustained cross of Congolese and Nepalese, these flexible landrace heredities provide the strain great defense to both mold and cold climates, which make it a proper choice for outdoor farmers.

This inspiring cannabis emits an intoxicating floral odor with obvious notes of lemon and anise. Enjoy Bangi Haze to arouse the body and increase activity.

Flavor and Effects of Bangi Haze

This strain packs a bizarre flavor, soaking each puff with berries and bananas intensified by sweet honey and cheese. The Bangi Haze strain delivers a boosting giggly effect that removes negative thoughts and leaves you at peace for hours on end. You will feel a slight tingly sensation arise from the back of your head and neck before circulating throughout your body, relaxing your natural state and transmitting you slightly excited.

Medical Benefits of Bangi Haze

Bangi Haze strain is preferred by patients to treat conditions such as stress, constant fatigue, swelling, anorexia, and even fibromyalgia or multiple Sclerosis.

 Negative Effects of Bangi Haze

This strain carries a dry mouth and dry eyes effect that is common to puffing cannabis. You may also feel paranoid in some instances. If you are encountering these effects, be sure to stay hydrated and drink a lot of fluids.

Growing Bangi Haze

Bangi Haze strain was developed to assure easy growth. It’s a mold-resistant and strong plant grown in Galicia, where it adapted to cold climates.