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Banana Split

Banana Split

This strain that is like a dessert treat is from Crocket Farms. The combination of Banana Sherbert and Tangie releases an inviting smell of banana, flowers, and citrus. You can have it after dinner, and it will take you to a long slumber. It works as a cure for insomnia, and it stands by the name bedtime weed.

It provides a smooth level-headed high if you want to have a productive day. If you’re only starting your journey in smoking cannabis, this is not the right strain to try. You may not be ready with its hard punch. As for its appearance, snowy trichomes cover this plant’s large buds.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Split

The flavor and smell of banana would hit your senses. It’s like a taffy that oozes with banana flavor or a banana that is fully ripened. Consumers may detect other aromas of nutty flavor, earthy and sugary sweet.

The primary effect of this strain is couch-lock with pleasurable sensations throughout the body. It brings relaxation and sleepiness as smokers would go hungry. Users love the euphoric effect too.

Medical Benefits of Banana Split

This is an anti-depressant medicine and pain reliever too. People who are suffering from depression and pain appreciate its sedative abilities. It’s like a lullaby to insomniacs as it puts them in a great mood with pleasurable tingles. This is the implication of why it’s prescribed for those who have trouble getting some sleep.

Its relaxing effect can further be used in cases of tension and muscle spasms. It is a medication for loss of appetite. It would develop a craving for food.

Negative Effects of Banana Split

It gives users a dry mouth. It’s a common side effect when smoking weed. You won’t like its sedative effect when you want to keep awake.

Growing Banana Split

This strain flourishes both outdoors and indoors. You can plant it through seeds or cuttings. When you plant it outdoors, it has to be in a sunny environment. It should grow in a moist ground that doesn’t turn muddy. It should be easy to handle it outside.

For indoor plantation, growers should put up a grow tent. You will be able to control the environment for this plant. You can put a light in it to feed the leaves. Reflective linings in the inside of the tent can help to concentrate the light solely to the plants.

The humidity should be around 70 percent to start with. It can be lowered to 40% when it has started to grow. The air should be crisp and dry for the prevention of mold. The time of the day should be half equally for darkness and light to induce flowering.

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Exceptional (9.7)


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Excelent (9.5)

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