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Banana Peel

The Banana Peel strain is a perfect split hybrid strain that was developed by renowned breeders Illuminati Seeds. It was created by crossing the Banana OG (Laffy Taffy Cut) and the Pestilence strains. Due to its genetic lineage, the banana peel strain has immense potency, a sturdier structure, and better resin production. For recreational use, this strain brings users to a sweet high with its equally sweet smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Peel

The Banana Peel cannabis strain produces a banana taffy scent, with notes of diesel, and a taste that’s similar. Users will be addicted after just one taste of its sweet banana flavor. The strain’s high brings on a very lifted airy effect that hits both the mind and body. And almost simultaneously, it will offer a relaxing calm and laziness to the body as the mind continues to soar with creative thoughts.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Banana Peel

Due to its TCH levels, the Banana Peel strain is said to be perfect for treating patients with depression and insomnia. Additionally, in inducing a body high, the strain get rids of aches in the same manner, which is from head to toe. That means people suffering from chronic pains and muscle spasms can greatly benefit from this strain.

Negative Effects of Banana Peel

Adverse side effects are rare with this strain. However, when too much of it is consumed, users will start to feel dizzy, anxious, and at times, paranoia might set in. For this reason, this bud should be taken in moderation.

Growing Banana Peel

While this strain can grow outdoors, it thrives best indoors and in greenhouse settings. Height management techniques are required to keep the plants short. Otherwise, it can grow up to 7 feet tall and cramp up space. Lighting, humidity, and ventilation should be considered when growing these strains indoors.

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