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Banana Milkshake OG

Banana Milkshake OG

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Banana Milkshake OG is an indica dominant hybrid created by Red Scare. The cannabis strain is the cross-breeding of two amazing strains which includes a female cannabis strain, Epik Gen Cut of Cherry Pie, old school Banana OG and Strawberry Diesel strain with Predator OG,  male cannabis strain. The combination created a plant with high production of rein that composed of an amazing set of terpene profiles.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Milkshake OG

The Banana Milkshake OG strain has an amazing set of flavors and aroma that is combined with piney and earthy which are both present in the taste and the scent. It also has some sweetness like ice cream and creamy soft batter of cake. These flavors are paired with impacts that star with the mind that immediately make it more energized with uplifted mood and feelings. Hence, a very old school sativa effects. That is why it is best used during the day.

Medical Benefits of Banana Milkshake OG

The Banana Milkshake OG cannabis strain is outstanding in providing relief from all the daily troubles and problems we are dealing with and enduring every day. It can help reduce body pain, migraine, and stress. It also works magic on depression by giving you an optimistic view of life.

Negative Effects of Banana Milkshake OG

Drying of the mouth and eyes are the most common adverse effects which you may encounter while using the Banana MilkshakeOOG strain. It could go further and further when you decide to consume more of the strain’s dosage. It may direct to the manifestation of paranoid behaviors and thoughts.

Growing Banana Milkshake OG

The cultivation process of the Banana Milkshake OG strain starts with choosing the right growing are of the strain. You are in luck since this strain can be cultivated both indoor ns outdoor. It has adapted already with sudden changes in environmental conditions. It has pretty high resistance against pests and molds which can be convenient for beginners.

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