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Banana Hammock R1

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It is a hybrid strain that was first brought up in Colorado by Ethos. It’s a combination of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset. It produces large, dense flowers in a hue of purple. It appears frosty due to its hefty amount of white crystal trichomes, and it has a high terpene profile too. This strain possesses a divine smell that’s similar to the feeling that you are in a hammock. It is one of those fruity strains that can be the great choice of experienced smokers for evening and night time smoke.

 Flavor and Effects of Banana Hammock R1

It delivers the strong scent of exotic tropical fruits, and the taste is dominated by grapes and honey. It creates beautiful smoke with a strong presence of a banana that is slightly creamy to the mouth. This weed gives a potent body high that gives a couch-lock state, but it can still keep you awake. It can soothe the senses so relaxation can happen.

 Medical Benefits of Banana Hammock R1

It can relieve stress and depression with its soothing effect. It is also capable of handling appetite loss and severe nausea. It enhances appetite, so hunger comes knocking in the person’s belly.

 Negative Effects of Banana Hammock R1

This strain leaves consumers with burning eyes and dry mouth as its side effects. It’s important to drink a lot of water for these reactions.

 Growing Banana Hammock R1

It is functional to any garden so it can flourish both outdoors and indoors. Growers should put support to its branches when the dense and massive flowers start to bloom. Strings, wires, or tomato cages can be used in this situation.

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