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Banana Hammer

Banana Hammer

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Hammerhead’s Banana Hammer cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. The strain Banana Hammer comes from crossing the strain Fire Cookies and Banana. Banana Hammer strain is best for use at night.

 Flavor and Effects of Banana Hammer

With the fruity and banana undertones, this strain will unravel the goodness of that touch when being consumed. This strain has an uplifting buzz which after toking clears the head. This takes fears away and boosts mood. It turns into a calming buzz in the comedown that settles in the limbs. Be careful as you may also experience couch-locked moments.

 Medical Benefits of Banana Hammer

Its cannabinoids provide beneficial effects that help to treat emotional or mental health problems and physical health problems. Thus, this is best in treating depression, anxiety, or PTSD. The pain-crushing buzz, meanwhile, alleviates fatigue that is often marked by intermittent body-wide hurts, aches, and cramps.

 Negative Effects of Banana Hammer

You’re going to be under a dry spell in the eyes and mouth. Anxiety, dizziness, headache, and paranoia can also be experienced, especially when consuming Banana Hammer accidentally beyond levels of personal tolerance. The best solution is to stay hydrated or drink plenty of water when consuming this strain.

Growing Banana Hammer

You can cultivate it indoors where it will do also best even in an outdoor or in a greenhouse setting. Organic soil as the medium is highly encouraged as it may bring out the best aroma and flavor of this strain. Furthermore, the application of the right lighting, humidity, and temperature should be done.