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Banana Diesel

Fans of the Banana and Diesel families will surely like this hybrid cross between the Banana Sativa and Sour Diesel strains. This flavorful strain with a star-studded genetic lineage is created by Holy Smoke Seeds for evening consumption. Buds of this strain are thought and pale green in color with red-orange hairs and a frosting of trichomes. The flowers are light orange.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Diesel

The Banana Diesel cannabis strain reeks a sweet, fruity aroma that prefaces the tangy taste that follows. It’s high is indicative of both its parent, providing an incredibly soothing melt which is good for evening and night time use. At the onset, it hits users with euphoric cerebral high on the first smoke, starting from the head and flowing down to the body.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Banana Diesel

The Banana Diesel strain has proven to be quite useful in treating insomnia. It’s CBD levels also make it extremely stimulative and helpful for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic stress, depression, and PTSD. This strain is also known as a potent appetite stimulant, suitable for people with eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Banana Diesel

This strain has been shown to cause anxiety and induce mild paranoia to users who do not know their individual limits. Dry eyes and mouth are also an effect from this strain.

Growing Banana Diesel

The Banana Diesel strain is a hardy plant that is fairly versatile and easy to grow. However, its seeds are hard to come by, especially when outside the UK and California. For indoor growth, the plant is supposed to reach its maximum yield within 49 to 56 days. For outdoor cultivation, this strain prefers a hot and humid climate.

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