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Banana Cream

Banana Cream

Banana Cream is a hybrid that dominantly on indica genetics. The Exotic Genetix made a strain that has promising flavors along with great powerful impacts by combining the strains namely, the Banana OG and the Cookies and Cream strains.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Cream

Any person who has a sweet tooth with them would definitely fell in love with this clever strain that has similar flavors of the cannabis strain named banana cream pie. The scents identical like the lemony and piney dominant flavors yet with an undertone of earthy. Banana Cream has an effect that occurs minutes after it is ingested. Feelings of euphoria sweep to the entire consumers’ bodies and summons powerful laughs and sensations. The lovers of this particular strain made people feel happy in social settings.

Medical Benefits of Banana Cream

The Banana Cream strain was defined as a strain that can enhance the mood of a person and reduce depressive thoughts and moods. It could heal your stress and sleeplessness.

Negative Effects of Banana Cream

The drying of the mouth and eyes is common to encounter when using the strain. It could further lead to unfavorable effects if the amount of ingestion is not regulated adequately. All you need is to drink plenty of water then you should not worry about the side effects.

Growing Banana Cream

The plants may grow following the indica genetics and may show a compact and bushy structure of a plant. You only need a few attention and a minimal amount of maintenance needed to cultivate this train hence very favorable for beginner growers.