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Banana Crack

Banana Crack

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Banana Crack is a hybrid of indica and sativa variety, which leans mostly on the indica side. The Holy Smoke Seeds was able to create an outstanding strain which took them a long time to figure out the adequate formula into making this strain. Now, they were able to complete the development of the strain by combining the OGR #99 with the Green Crack strain.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Crack

Banana Crack incorporates the most fruity taste and aroma you can visualize. It is a well-blended flavor of banana, a touch of mango and smoothness of peaches which completes the extraordinary flavor impression. The strain provides an outstanding head high along with powerful, sharp and satisfying long effects. The Banana Crack establishes clarity and filled with a potency that which do not limit its full quality.

Medical Benefits of Banana Crack

The strain is a great medical treatment by most people suffering from various illnesses and medical conditions. These include anxiety and depressive thoughts which can be reduced if not eliminated due to the uplifting sensation of the strain can generate. It is also a great means to deal with and manage pain and body discomforts.

Negative Effects of Banana Crack

Most commonly, the strain can give unfavorable effects that typically occur in your mouth and eyes. It may lead to the dryness of the parts mentioned. It is due to the lack of water inside the body which causes dehydration hence resulting in drying.

Growing Banana Crack

The Banana Crack can be cultivated either indoor or outdoor growing setting. The strain is excellent in making concentrates as it produces a great number of resins. The plant generates a tremendous amount of production despite the low maintenance and attention it requires.

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