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Banana Breath

Banana Breath

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Banana Breath is a hybrid with indica and sativa genetics. The ThugPug Genetics combined the two strains namely Banana OG and Mendobreath strains resulting in renowned plants for its effects and yield.

Flavor and Effects of Banana Breath

The Banana Breath onsets a full berry flavor which soothes into the taste of ripened banana comparable to the Banana OG strain profile. It has additional sweetness and mellow that gives pleasure and concentrated high despite the calming and couch-lock impacts. It can be an easy and optimistic sensation in which the main goal is to make you feel soothe and calm.

What are the Medical B enefits of Banana Breath

With its capabilities mentioned, the strain Banana Breath is a hybrid that is excellent for people seeking to improve their craving and reduce or manage their muscle pain, particularly the pain attributed to a menstrual cramp. It could also treat any traces of depression, anxiousness, nausea, and sleeplessness.

Negative Effects of Banana Breath

It may result in drying of the mouth, along with the dryness of the eyes. This is an important reminder to always hydrate your system when consuming any strain to reduce the reaction mentioned. If necessary, avoid taking too much. Only the amount that can be tolerated.

Growing Banana Breath

The Banana Breath can be cultivated either indoors or outdoor growing season. It is described by growers as an easy to grow plant that does not fully require exclusive attention and maintenance. All you need is adequate water and proper provision of required nutrients to thrive a plant with maximum production during harvest.

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