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Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama is a variety that is largely lean on Sativa genetics. It was created by Solfire Gardens. It was created by combining the strains, Tropicana Cookies, and Black Banana, resulting in a potent strain.

Flavor and Effects of Bahama Mama

It tastes similar to tangerine and berries. It has undertones of citrus mixed with sourness provided by its terpenes. The effects are very much favorable to all cannabis users as it delivers full body and mind relaxation with hints of sleepiness. It could as well lift your well-being and bring a smile on your face and your day.

Medical Benefits of Bahama Mama

Medically speaking, the strain Bahama Mama can be a good treatment of several conditions such as stress, muscle tension, and sleeplessness. By the power of its potency, the pain that you are feeling will swift away in no time. All your anxiety and any feelings associated with depression will be healed.

Negative Effects of Bahama Mama

Most typically, the Bahama Mama strain will cause your mouth and eyes to dry. These can be regulated by drinking lots of water to rehydrate your system. It may also lead to further adverse reactions like dizziness, headache or even paranoia when ingested at high dosage.

Growing Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama strain can be cultivated either indoor or outdoor. The amount of production from the plants may differ to the environmental conditions it is in. Just bear in mind always to never over water the plants and provide sufficient nutrients for it to thrive very well and developed into its highest quality.