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Baglung Nepalese

Baglung Nepalese

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Baglung Nepalese is a pure Sativa strain created by Magic Herbs. It has an incredible Nepalese Landrace which is from Baglung District. It has pink pistils like a strawberry bouquet. There are green colored types though they are rare.

Flavor and Effects of Baglung Nepalese

It has flavors that tingle in your tongue and mouth. It has taste and aroma similar to strawberries, with undertones of citrus and bubblegum. The strain delivers exceptionally happy and uplifting feelings. It promotes creativeness and relaxation tingling your mind and body.

What are the Medical Menefits of Baglung Nepalese

With the potency and relaxation it provides, the Baglung Nepalese strain can be of help when it comes to treating different medical conditions such as stress, nausea, vomiting, body pain, sleeplessness, and symptoms of depressive feelings. It could also help in alleviating all the traces related to anxiety.

Negative Effects of Baglung Nepalese

In the most common cases, the mouth and eyes may feel dry due to the capacity of the strain to make you dehydrated. It also makes you feel anxious and cause headaches when consumed at a higher dosage. So be extra careful when consuming the strain. Always track how much your intake and provide a drink nearby.

Growing Baglung Nepalese

Although it can be cultivated indoors, the plant is great for outdoor cultivation as it produces its outstanding quality. It can vigorously thrive and strong plants. It also delivers resinous buds and grows very dense. Make sure to provide enough water and nutrients to the plants to maintain a healthy developing cultivation all throughout the process.

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