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Bad Girl

Bad Girl

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Bad Girl is the perfect marriage to the classic GSC between a hard hit kush. She carries an intense, rich, earthy kush aroma that recalls Master Kush, but also jet fuel and mentholated reeks. She is a photogenic beauty and in the garden, and this usually steals all the attention. Buds are large and coated with resin, as well as an intensely concentrated lemon aroma.

Flavor and Effects of Bad Girl

This strain brings the kush, lemon, and diesel undertones. The mental surge washes over you with a stunning result, and as this process triggers giggles and munchies. This is also the beginning of a long-lasting couch-lock that gives you complete relaxation and introspection.

Medical Benefits of Bad Girl

Bad Girl is a powerful sedative, so it can be used to treat ailments like chronic pain, cramps, nausea, and insomnia. If you have mental health issues and look to marijuana to help curb some of your more persistent symptoms, it’s a perfect weed for insomnia, stress, bipolar disorders, and mild panic causes.

Negative Effects of Bad Girl

The strain can lead to dry eyes and dry mouth. Sometimes, if used too often, this can cause dizziness, nausea, and headache.

Growing Bad Girl

Indoor or outside settings, the Bad Girl strain will thrive. In a warm climate, this strain gives the best potency. This also thrives well in an atmosphere where it is easy to adjust lighting, humidity, and temperature, and you should keep track of the process of this strain to address any problems.

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