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The number of offspring which this marijuana strain can produce cannot be ascertained, but breeders suggest that when this strain is crossed bred with an altogether different indica dominant strain the resulting strains are with the heavily branched, having fluffy leaves.

On closer observation, you will notice that its origin can be traced to the skunk family. Its leaves are curly in appearance with tall stems. Its buds are corn-shaped with spicy skunk aromas.

 Flavor and Effects of Babadook

This strain has a tropical-fruit flavour that will leave you wanting more every second. Just a first exhale of this strain will make you start to feel like you are on top of the world with energy and motivation. This strain will offer you euphoric, uplifting and relaxing effects while maintaining the balance of not pushing you into long hours of sedation after an enlarged dosage.

 Medical Benefits of Babadook

It is used for people suffering from mood disorders like seasonal and non-seasonal depression, bipolar, and stress. It is also very curative in combating attention deficit disorders, migraine, and gastrointestinal disorders.

 Negative Effects of Babadook

don’t be carried away by its fewer sedative effects abuse of this wonderfully bred hybrid will for sure cause the following health problems to you; dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes. Development of paranoia, headaches, restlessness, high fever, high blood pressure, dizziness, and mild and moderate paralysis

 Growing Babadook

When this cannabis is grown on a pest prone place daily checkmating of the strained plant to make sure rodents and harmful pests don’t attack the strain. When grown and all its growing requirements are met, expect flowering and harvesting from 7 to 9 weeks period.

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