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B-Bud cannabis is a type of Sativa dominant strain that is made by the Vancouver Island Seed Company. Its buds come with citrus flavors and can be wispy and lengthy with a crystal coverage against tangerine and bright hairs that makes users ogle. There are two pheno’s with this cannabis: one is the more common and can grow really tall just like a pure Sativa with skinny and pale leaves, while the second is mostly Sativa with wide and darker leaves.

Flavor and Effects of B-Bud

This marijuana comes with a sweet flavor that has a hint of spice. Your breath and mouth will relish in its fruity undertones, which is sometimes accompanied with a grape taste.

Big Bud delivers a relaxing feeling to the consumer which can affect the brain, including the whole body. This cannabis is known to be a “go to sleep” cannabis and is more of an evening high. Once you feel of being passed out, you will be out just like a baby for several hours. B-Bud is packed with a really big punch.

Medical Benefits of B-Bud

Although this hybrid has very low CBD content which is only about 0.1%, users can still get several medicinal benefits with this strain. People suffering from both psychological and physical issues can take advantage of this strain’s potency. Its powerful Indica effects can help relax the entire body because of its natural sedative properties,

Negative Effects of B-Bud

You can expect some adverse reactions with this strain, although they may be rare. Consuming too much of this can lead to dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia, and headache.

Growing B-Bud Some information and Tips

The stalks of this plant can be so thick that is why it is wise to provide it with support using tensioned wires or strings. B-bud can be easily grown. For the best result, you have to bend and top the plants at an early stage in order to encourage better horizontal growth.