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B.B. King

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The King of Blues, B.B. King, feeds the soul of music, so does this strain when it comes to treating illnesses. MTG Seeds combined Space Monster and Blackberry Kush to make this strain that brings relaxation and calmness to its users. With its nice flavor and high yield, it gets an approval of both hobbyists and growers. It can be your night companion as you can have it in a bubbler or a blunt wrap.

 Flavor and Effects of B.B. King

Its flavor can be compared to a bowl of fruits that include blueberries, lemons, and oranges. The exhale is leaves diesel notes and chemical aftertaste. It slowly builds euphoria of head high, accompanied by sleepy inclination. It has complete relaxation that can make the user blissful. It also awakens hunger, so it’s better to have munchies near your reach.

 Medical Benefits of B.B. King

This strainer is known to be a healer for different conditions like nausea, appetite loss, and other digestion issues. It relieves chronic pain and eye pressure. It helps people with insomnia and let them have quality sleep.

 Negative Effects of B.B. King

This strain gives the common adverse effects, which are cottonmouth feels and dry, irritated eyes. They can be reversed by supplying your body with water.

 Growing B.B. King

This weed can be grown outdoors as it is resilient to mold, mildew, and pests, and it grows as a short plant. It can also withstand the changes in the weather and the fickle humidity. When grown indoors, you can apply the natural way of growing by using a soil medium.

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