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The Gage Green Group developed the Aymi marijuana strain, which is a well-balanced hybrid. It’s a hybrid of the Mendodawg and Cherry Pie Kush strains, and its genetic parents are from Mendocino, California. Jojorizo, Crystal Locomotive, Mendo Purps, and  Mendo Queen make up the Aymi strain, a great blend of numerous Californian classics. It takes after its Mendodawg parent in terms of bud structure, hues, and resin content.

Flavor and Effects of Aymi

The Aymi marijuana strain’s distinct and delectable flavor characteristic is best characterized as a gas with cookies, chocolate chips, and mint. The Aymi marijuana strain can induce euphoria, relaxation, creativity, and numbness because of its Mendodawg genetics. You can use it during the day and at night.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Aymi?

The Aymi cannabis strain, which contains a bit of mental buzziness, is best known for its calmness. It makes it especially beneficial for antidepressant medication and the other illnesses that can arise due to depression. It includes a lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Aymi

When ingested in excessive doses, this strain might lead to an increase in anxiety. And, like other marijuana products for which there is little knowledge, the Aymi strain might produce dry eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Aymi

The Aymi marijuana strain can be grown in a variety of ways. This plant can thrive in both outdoor and indoor situations. When given the nutrients it requires, it can reach a height of 30 to 78 centimeters and provide a yield of 85-170 grams per square meter.