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Ayahuasca Purple

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It’s a popular strain across Europe as it was bred by an Amsterdam-based breeder, Barney’s Farm. Red River Delta and Master Kush joined forces to create this hybrid strain with a unique flavor. It is the perfect choice for smokers who seek an intense Indica high but relaxing at the same time. It appears as a typical Indica with its strong stems and stable branches.

Flavor and Effects of Ayahuasca Purple

The aroma is consists of a nutty tropical scent with sharp pungency. The uniqueness of its flavor is made by fresh floral mango accented with a taste of papaya and fresh earthiness. It has a high that will reside at the back of your mind with euphoria that leaves you unfocused. The light body buzz effect comes with a tingly sensation, and it can take consumers to sleepiness and sedation.

 Medical Benefits of Ayahuasca Purple

It is one of the most commonly used strains in medical treatments. It is given for people who are diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. It eases fatigue as it gives way to a good quality of sleep for insomniacs. It induces hunger for those who have appetite loss and anorexia. Inflammation and body pain can also be defeated by this strain.

 Negative Effects of Ayahuasca Purple

Itchiness of eyes, dryness of mouth, and anxiety are the adverse reactions you will meet when smoking this strain.

 Growing Ayahuasca Purple

Growers should pay more attention when feeding this weed, so they have to pick quality nutrients. Overfeeding and overwatering it should be avoided. It should be given a sufficient amount of sunlight for high yield.

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