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Avalon is an Indica dominant strain and a hybrid of Afghani and  DJ Short’s Blueberry, and it’s a high-quality strain. Since this sort of marijuana is often too potent to smoke, a vape is an ideal option. When dealing with this potent strain, newbies should consume it with caution.

Flavor and Effects of Avalon

The taste of the Avalon marijuana strain is earthy, sweet, and blueberry. It has a pine-like smell with lemon notes. This strain is known for its powerful sedative properties, which leave users exceptionally physically and mentally relaxed. It’s also renowned for causing a cough lock that lasts practically indefinitely. Some users report that once the stone has taken hold, it can trigger arousal and quick bursts of laughter.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Avalon?

This strain produces a calming cerebral high as well as substantial sedative effects throughout the body. It is frequently used to treat depression, pain, insomnia, and anxiety because of these properties. This strain improves a user’s mood, relieves depression, stress, and promotes sleep, and it can also help increase appetite.

Negative Effects of Avalon

If used more than tolerance levels, the Avalon marijuana strain can cause anorexia, dizziness, and paranoia, in addition to dry and itchy eyes and throat. With a THC content of 19%, this marijuana strain can cause an intense cough lock in many newcomers.

Growing Avalon

Avalon is indeed a dark green variety that thrives in both outdoor and indoor environments. They’re pretty simple to grow because they don’t require much nutrients or fertilizer to thrive. They’re also resistant to things like fungus and mold. They can also reach a height of about 183 centimeters.