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AutoGlueberry OG

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AutoGlueberry OG of Dutch Passion was created from three unique strains that have already proven themselves in the cannabis industry. at first, the Gorilla Glue was combined with the OG Kush, varieties that have potent effects, then the result was then merged with the Auto Blueberry. And to make sure that all the cannabis will have recognition in this perfect marijuana, names were combined. The AutoGlueberry OG won the 3rd place of Autoflowering – Highlife Cup Netherlands in 2017.

Flavor and Effects of AutoGlueberry OG 

The AutoGlueberry OG has a diesel flavor with berries then combined with its sweet fruity undertones. This is a perfect strain to uplift the mood, without a doubt, boosts your confidence that results in a more sociable you. As the high kicks in, you will positively feel a relaxed state full of happy thoughts.

Medical Benefits of AutoGlueberry OG

AutoGlueberry OG may aid you when it comes to stress, depression, and over fatigue including muscle spasms. This strain can be a good helper to reduce pain but nit the chronic ones, headache, mild migraines and inflammation

Negative Effects of AutoGlueberry OG 

AutoGlueberry OG is an enjoyable strain but this should be used with caution for the cerebral high can lead to paranoia in some cases. There will also be dizzy, nauseated at some point and drying of the eyes. 

Growing AutoGlueberry OG 

AutoGlueberry OG exceptional to grow by using the SOG (Sea of Green) and ScrOG (Screen of Green). Indoor breeders can unmistakably add this plant in their efforts, disregarding its height. Administering those methods can help a lot in enhancing the health combined too with pruning in a few times.