Auto CBD White Widow

Auto White Widow CBD is a combination of the Auto CBD and the White Widow XXL Autorflowering. This strain has an indica-dominant strain that develops influences that are quite light and relaxing, excellent for a practical and pleasant high.

Flavor and Effects of Auto White Widow CBD 

Auto White Widow CBD has a fruity flavor with a flowery hint as it prolongs on your tongue, you will taste the tangerine undertones mixed with a citrus punch. Your mind will surely be clear-headed with this strain high for it provides a euphoric relaxation and a well satisfied with a body buzz.

Medical Benefits of Auto White Widow CBD

Auto White Widow CBD is a very effective option that can help you out with any chronic pain, may it be headache and migraines or discomfort from injuries. This strain will be put to good use for insomnia; thanks for its high that can leave you couched lock, thus lead to a night of better sleep.

Negative Effects of Auto White Widow CBD 

Auto White Widow CBD’s negative effect would be a minimal to severe headache during and after the smoking. I can also cause irritation to eyes and mouth due to drying.

Growing Auto White Widow CBD 

Auto White Widow CBD can be grown indoors and outdoors but caution if grown outside. This strain can grow to a medium size thus, makes it harder to hide, so the best option is to plant a companion plant with beautiful petals such as sunflower.

Where To BuyAuto CBD White Widow

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