Auto CBD Cheese

Dinafem has created this auto-flowering variety that is more on the medicinal traits as it has a higher CBD level of 12% than the THC ratio. This variety was made with the purpose of producing a plant that flowers faster and with heavy yield, with cheese traits and high on CBD. The combination of Cheese XXL Auto with the Auto CBD has made it possible.

Flavor and Effects of  Cheese Auto CBD

Flavors are sweet, fruity, cheesy, and floral. Its effects are calming, happy, relaxed, and sociable. The psychoactive effect is lower in this marijuana variety having low THC levels but higher medicinal properties. It is good if you want to medicate more than the recreational use and if you are not comfortable with the psychoactive effects.

Medical Benefits of Cheese Auto CBD

Medical benefits include relief from pain, anti-depressant, helps in loss of appetite, and others.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Cheese Auto CBD

The negative effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, and others that are not severe.

Growing Cheese Auto CBD

This variety has more sativa traits as shown by its leaves that are thin, a structure like a pine tree, and branches are long that soon will have solid colas that are covered with resins. This makes it ideal for growing indoor when you do not have much space. It is also good when you like to grow outdoor in your patios or other areas. You can hide them so nosy people will not see.

Best Seed Banks To Buy Auto CBD Cheese

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