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Aurora Indica

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This strain comes from parents who have both powerful sedating high, which were picked by Nirvana Seeds. But it comes out that it is not as potent as them. Still, users should be careful with the dosage as it can still overwhelm some of them. This hybrid was completed by pairing Afghani with Northern Lights. It is an evening strain to act as a pain reliever, and it induces deep and quality sleep and rest.

Like a typical Indica-dominant plant, it grows into a short plant, but it produces dense, bulky buds and heavy colas. Growers can be guaranteed of heavy yield. There are various phenotypes that differ in aromas and bud structure.

Flavor and Effects of Aurora Indica

It has the fragrance of sweet earthy mango with a hint of lavender while it tastes like earthy spicy mango that sweetens really well on the exhale. The onset is calming sensations that dissolve the tension in the body. It proceeds to uplift the user’s spirit, so they remain happy in the state of euphoric. While users are in deep relaxation, they may find themselves stoned and in dreamy condition. When they wake up, they might not have a single clue of what happened, so Aurora Indica has done its magic.

 Medical Benefits of Aurora Indica

This strain is given to patients with different conditions. It can be a temporary remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. It has analgesic properties that clear physical pain from injuries or even with chronic conditions like arthritis and lupus. It has a sedative effect that has great use to individuals who are suffering from insomnia. Smoking this bud will let them gain the right amount and quality of sleep that every person needs.

It is also capable of giving relief for gastrointestinal disorder and fibromyalgia.

 Negative Effects of Aurora Indica

It doesn’t carry out a lot of side effects compared to other strains. Though, smokers can’t avoid having dry eyes and dry mouth as their common reactions from smoking strain. Hydrating would help them deal with prevention.

 Growing Aurora Indica

This breed is not too sensitive to require too much for its growth. It even welcomes beginners to handle its cultivation. It has the strength of Indica and a short flowering period. This strain doesn’t require a hefty amount of nutrients like other kinds so bringing up the nutrient level should be at a slow pace. It responds well with super cropping and training.

In an early stage, the Screen of Green can be used for this plant. The classic style of soil medium and hydroponics are fine for its cultivation. It’s essential to give it a lot of sunlight when grown outdoors. It can also be grown indoors if you want to be discreet about, and you might want to have an odor-proof system set up too.

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