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Atom Splitter

Atom Splitter

The masters at Franchise Genetics carefully formulated an Indica-dominant hybrid bred called Atom Splitter cannabis strain. This plant can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and provides a high percentage yield in 70 days flowering period. This cannabis strain is best for evening and nighttime consumption.

Flavor and Effects of Atom Splitter Strain

Users of this strain find that it strains buds transmit off smells of paint thinner and tastes like fuel. Atom Splitter cannabis high is utterly astonishing, with effects that will blow you totally at ease no matter what troubles you. The high will begin with a little lift of spirits and a mixture of relaxed energy that leaves you focused enough to catch anything that arrives your way but chill enough to kick back if necessary. This disappears into a somewhat warming body buzz that covers your body in pain-free pleasure without pulling you down in any way.

Medical Benefits of Atom Splitter Strain

This cannabis strain is perfect for managing patients undergoing conditions such as persistent fatigue, indigestion, muscle contractions, and mood swings. It has a sizeable variety of possible medical benefits.

Negative Effects of Atom Splitter Strain

Users may feel adverse effects like dry red eyes, dry mouth and throat, and dizziness. More dangerous side effects include anxiety or paranoia and even depression.

Growing Atom Splitter Strain

This cannabis plant can be planted indoors, and growers tend to use a greenhouse to contain warm temperature that is necessary for plant optimal growth and yield.