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Asian Fantasy

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Asian Fantasy is a sativa-dominant strain, with extensive and dense buds that are specked in various hues of orange and red. This strain is spectacularly hard to find, adding to the legend of its presence, which is only further highlighted by the evidence that its exact origins are unknown.

What’s obvious is that this cannabis has a potent portion of sativa in it that will get thoughts and creativity free moving. It’s also a charm, with large, curved buds that have housing of brick red hairs. The flowers release a rich and sour aroma while the flavor has a strong dose of spice. Asian Fantasy induces a giggly, euphoric, and happy state while making you calm and clearheaded, even with the continuous lifts of energy it renders.

 Flavor and Effects of Asian Fantasy

Asian Fantasy’s charm remains to be fascinating in terms of taste. This strain has an all-around earthy flavor, infused with a powerful skunky and cheese aftertaste. It bears hints of citrus and spices, as well as a powerful tea flavor. Seasoned smokers, we’ll be able to discover a woody and pine tone, drawing it all collectively. This strain can make you extra chatty, which is very helpful if you are on the shy view of people. This cannabis will make you appear relaxed, without securing you to the couch, which is excellent when you are about to get off of work and would rather spend time being social, than staying at home.

Medical Benefits of Asian Fantasy

Asian Fantasy is generally utilized for the therapy of persistent stress turbulence, as it can enable the patients to feel relaxed without making them feel inactive or worn. This pure sativa cannabis can also be applied to manage chronic headaches, as it is very useful in handling pain. This strain is capable of handling other chronic pain, such as muscle spasms, chronic back pain, joint pain, as well as constant and severe migraines. Asian Fantasy is also very useful in treating glaucoma, or eye tension, as it can decrease soreness considerably.

Negative Effects of Asian Fantasy

This strain can be strong, so if you are not a seasoned smoker, you can anticipate getting some of its adverse reactions. Asian Fantasy is likely to cause a dry mouth feeling, as well as dry, itchy and irritable eyes, with a feeling of dehydration. Other side effects you may observe when puffing this strain involves a mild dizziness, mainly due to the feeling of being dehydrated. This strain can make you seem paranoid at times, and even result in a slight headache, notably at the end of your high.

Growing Asian Fantasy

This strain can be simple to grow. Asian Fantasy prefers to be kept in a place with loads of light, and off from the abundance of humidity, although it is quite repellent natural molds and mildew.