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The ASH strain is an Indica dominant with lineages of Haze, Skunk, and Afghani. From its structure to its effects, aromas, and flavors, and every aspect of the plant reflected the combination of this trinity.

Flavor and Effects of Ash

This strain has a complex and delightful blend of gently fruity, sweet, and slightly peppery flavors, just like its genetic parents. This strain has a hazy skunk flavor on exhale. Since Ash is Indica-dominant, the majority of its effects are essentially physical. This strain’s effects are also creepy, with gradual numbing impacts that lead to a comfortable sleepy, and dreamy introspection.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Ash

The Ash marijuana strain can help alleviate headaches and chronic pain due to its Indica dominance. This strain can help deal with stress, anxiety, and even glaucoma. People suffering from depression can benefit from Ash’s calming and meditative properties.

Negative Effects of Ash

Even when consumed in moderation, It can cause a dry mouth and dry eyes. The Ash marijuana strain can create anxiety, migraines, and dizziness if you consume it above tolerance levels.

Growing Ash

Ash strain is a robust cultivar that is suitable for inexperienced gardeners. Mold and bugs are not a problem with this approach. It reacts well to the Sea of Green approach as well. This strain produces a dense and fertile canopy when you grow it properly.

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