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Armageddon is a Sativa dominant strain. Given breeder confidentiality, the genetic parents of Armageddon are unknown. It is a member of the skunk family due to its looks. Thanks to its 20% Indica and 80% Sativa mix, this strain is noted for its powerful effects. It’s widespread for inducing an uplifting sensation of peace, and it’s ideal for sharing with companions who would like to stay social.

Flavor and Effects of Armageddon

Armageddon has a citrus, diesel,  and pine flavor, with a woody flavor upon exhale upon inhaling. As fast as this strain walks into a room, it emits a pungent cheese odor that is difficult to ignore. The euphoric impact of the strain is its most noticeable effect, which boosts brain activity and calms the body. The consumer is left with a pleasant sensation of well-being when the effects fade off.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Armageddon

It’s a popular medical strain because it’s been shown to help with chronic pain such as muscle inflammation, severe migraines, back pains, and joint aches. It’s can also treat symptoms like tension, anxiety, and appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Armageddon

Anxiety, dizziness, and mild paranoia are side effects of dry mouth and irritated eyes, mainly when used more than tolerance limits. Users must stay hydrated to avoid adverse impacts of Armageddon.

Growing Armageddon

Armageddon is a reasonably simple plant to cultivate and manage; even inexperienced gardeners may grow it effectively. It is resistant to a wide variety of infections, mildews, and molds. Armageddon produces about 285 grams per square meter when cultivated indoors. When grown outside, however, the plant can have 397 grams per plant.