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Arabian Gold

Arabian Gold

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Arabian Gold is a well-balanced hybrid that has dark green tinted buds that are coated thoroughly with deep reddish hair and trichomes. This strain’s nugs are dullish with a lot of golden pistils and trichomes, with a smell of both hash and earthy odors.

It tastes much related to how it stinks, with signs of tea developing as well. Despite a comparably modest THC level, Arabian Gold can supply you a high that serves for hours on end.

Flavor and Effects of Arabian Gold

This strain has an earthy fragrance that has a powerful trace of the scent of hash while its taste is pretty strong and a mixture of hashy and herbaceous zest. It makes you seem euphoric. In addition to that, it delivers you feel excited, happy and craving. As it arouses hunger, many users enjoy this strain to combat loss of appetite.

Medical Benefits of Arabian Gold

With a fair average of THC level, Arabian Gold helps soothe your stressed nerves and presents you sense a more peaceful state. It can also assist you to attain release from nausea and unexplainable stress. You can use it for remedying insomnia as it helps you sleep peacefully at night.

Negative Effects of Arabian Gold

Arabian Gold’s side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes. A typical reaction after smoking marijuana, these side effects are so gentle that you may not even notice.

Growing Arabian Gold

Experienced growers of this strain favor indoor setting cultivation. As with several hybrid strains, it’s a reliable bet to say this plant has a flowering period of about 8 to 10 weeks and is expected to offer a moderately sized yield.