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This strain is developed by a dedicated breeder called Sumo Seeds. Their effort has attracted many Indica lovers and growers. White Widow, Dynamite, and Bubblicious are used to complete this breed. Its name represents the taste as it is fruity. It got the first prize in the Highlife Cup 2016 in Amsterdam under the Bio category. It is an afternoon or evening weed that can destress you after a long day and it also has medical benefits to share with people.

It can add grandeur to your garden as it has one humongous bud and several side buds with light red color on its calyxes.

Flavor and Effects of Appleberry

The flavor is filled with sweet-tart apples and fresh berries while its aroma is earthy with undertones of flowers, herbs, and berries. It has a full-bodied effect, and it can couch-lock users for hours. The creeping body high can make you hungry if you’ll not fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of Appleberry

This breed can treat various health conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, stress, mood disorders, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Appleberry

It’s normal to get red itchy eyes and a dry mouth when smoking the strain, but it can be prevented by drinking a lot of water to gain moisture. Smokers, especially newbies, should be responsible for their dose.

Growing Appleberry

Tent and grow rooms are set up for indoor plantation where you can control air, light, and temperature. Growers can have large pots and garden beds outdoors. Either way, you can get an abundant harvest as long as you take care of the plants. SOG and SCROG are applicable for this strain.