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Apollo 18

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 is the offspring of Panama which is a pure Sativa strain and known for its potent nature, and X18, which is an Indica strain that is highly medicinal. It is carefully bred by Weird and Limited Genetics, known for its original and limited variety of cannabis strains.
This strain is known to be resinous and has immunity to fungi such as botrytis and pest.

Flavor and Effects of Apollo 18

Apollo 18 has a distinct aroma and flavor. There’s a report that claims that it smells like hamburgers, cleaning products and also cologne. Since it is a Sativa dominant strain, it is expected to have a psychedelic high, that has an uplifting spirit that can boost creativity.

Medical Benefits of Apollo 18

Sativa strains are known to have medicinal functions due to their THC concentration. It is known to cure headaches, stress, depressions, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Apollo 18

Apollo 18, like most of its relative in the Apollo-Sativa Family, has known side effects and adverse reaction that includes, dry eyes, dry mouth, anxiety, headache and it can even induce paranoia for users who reached their limit.

Growing Apollo 18

Apollo 18 is a well-adapted plant as it can thrive on an indoor setup or directly outdoors. Apollo 18, like most of the cannabis species, loves the temperate environment and warm lighting set up if grown indoors. Its high tolerance to fungi and some pest makes it a perfect candidate for new growers who are thinking of which strain to grow. Like common Sativa strains, it flowers in an average of 9 to 10 weeks and yields abundantly.