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Apollo 11

By crossing Jack Herer and Cinderella 99, Brother’s Grimm created a hybrid strain called Apollo 11. This strain has a unique growing time and as fast as 7weeks or before 8 weeks. A distinguished earthy, lemon soured aroma and a subtle sweetness combined with a spicy wood is present in this strain.

Apollo 11 is known to be good for people who just want to relax during the daytime. Achill out time while watching movies, to make you feel a worry-free type of relaxation.

Flavor and Effects of Apollo 11

The flavor of the strain Apollo 11 is represented to have an overwhelming and strong scent of citrusy aroma and a kick of lemon and wood flavor. This strain can make your body go cerebral and uplifting. It has a known effect called Out-of-this-world.

Medical Benefits of Apollo 11

Apollo 11 can help people who are suffering from pain, such as migraines. If you are dealing with stress and a very hectic day with heavy tasks. In some cases, it can also ease the depth of depression.

Negative Effects of Apollo 11

Aside from drying of eyes, and mouth, other adverse reaction includes dizziness, headache, and paranoia when consuming above tolerance levels.

Growing Apollo 11

It takes between six to seven weeks for it to fully flower for reaping, being the perfect strain for the impatient cultivator. But expect a good yield before 8 weeks. This plant can grow indoor and outdoor, so even to the first time grower, it will be easy cultivation.

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