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This strain is great as it can give relaxation that is not overly sedative. Pyramid Seeds developed this hybrid from Wembley and Somango, and it’s good that they have decided not to keep this strain by themselves. It is one delicious variety that can give a high yield. It produces fluffy olive green nugs with a bit of purple shade, and it is covered by thick, sticky, bright white trichomes. It’s a mouthwatering strain that every Cannabis lover should try.

Flavor and Effects of Anubis

The aroma and taste can be addictive. The combination of tropical fruits, earthy citrus, grapes, and sweet grapefruit builds its aroma and flavor. It has a high that sets euphoria and improves creativity. It sharpens the mind and increases creativity. The body high with tingles takes place, so users are happily couch-lock or asleep.

Medical Benefits of Anubis

It works wonderfully in treating chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Anubis

Users will get dry eyes, and cottonmouth feels from smoking this strain like any other. Drinking plenty of water is the solution, while it’s important to be cautious about the dosage.

Growing Anubis

This breed is tremendously good at giving high yield, so it’s rewarding to grow it. Another amazing fact about it is that any method can support its growth. But it may need some support when buds get bigger and heavier. You don’t want the branches to bend so growers can have trellising, tomato cage, plant yoyos, or make use of some strings.