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Anonymous OG

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3C Farms is the breeder of this strain which picked their favorite breed, 3C Kushishima, to create a new one. The result is a strain that’s perfect at the end of the day to calm both body and mind. It gives a powerful high too. It has deep blue, dense nugs enclosed in sticky resin and shiny trichomes. It has a role in medical practice to make use of its high THC.

Flavor and Effects of Anonymous OG

The sour blend of lemon and diesel delights the senses while the palate gets a taste of sweet earth. It has a tangy aftertaste. The effect begins with a relaxing euphoria that enhances the mood. It makes users feeling introspective and hazy. As the effects continue, smokers are lulled into a deep sleep.

Medical Benefits of Anonymous OG

It’s an ideal remedy for chronic pain, migraines, eye pressure, muscle spasms, and insomnia. Its effect can be really quick in handling PTSD. To end nausea and boost appetite, this strain must be taken in a low dosage. It can manage to appease anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Negative Effects of Anonymous OG

It mild cases of cottonmouth and dry eyes. This weed should be taken in moderation as it can make you feel anxious.

Growing Anonymous OG

It can be grown outdoors as it has immunity against common diseases and pests. Growers may have the choice to grow this strain indoors as they can control lighting, humidity, and temperature. Sea of Green set-up and trimming are important steps to support its growth.