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Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is the combination of the strain GSC and Fire OG. This strain is true to its name, sweet, sour aroma with heavy full-body results that will impress any experienced consumer, just like the cookie monster, where it resembles that you will definitely ask and want for more.

Animal cookies start has a spicy, earthy, pungent smell but with a twist from its sour taste into something sweet. This strain is not just addicting to its taste and aroma but also to the effects that will give you a heavenly feeling. Great and pleasant even for experienced cannabis aficionados, this strain is best enjoyed alone in quiet surroundings or with a small, intimate group of good friend.

Flavor and Effects of Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies, gives a taste of sweet peppery citrus, with a twist of earthy and herbal nutty, vanilla taste. This strain eventually flows into the body, where a good mood and relaxing take over.

This strain has been known for its effects that will contribute to a more worry-free relaxation and non-energetic mood. You will feel euphorically happy that will contribute to an uplifting disposition. This strain is good for you if you want to relax after a long day of too many activities. Just give in to the feeling of relaxation and go to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from chronic pain such as tense muscles, headaches, nerve damage, pain low back, and arthritis. This strain can also help in treating stress, anxiety, slight depression, and people who are experiencing Insomnia.

Negative Effects of Animal Cookies

Aside from the drying of the mouth, drying of the eyes, and occasional dizziness. You might also feel paranoid and a kick of being nervous and anxious as an adverse effect of Animal Cookies.

Growing Animal Cookies

Growing Animal Cookies is very difficult. This strain is not for starter, newcomers, or growers who just want to experiment. Skills in handling this type of strain is a must. Some other growers use techniques to make the strain thrive. Animal Cookies better be nurtured indoors than out. Animal Cookies’ plants tend to be a synthesis of indica and Sativa varieties, with plants that grow tall but also have bushy and horizontally-spreading lateral branches.

Animal Cookies is a type of strain that flowers in 9 weeks to 10 weeks and grows dense, frosty green buds tipped with purple. In connection to those tall branches, trimming and bending is an essential technique to do. Good thing that these strains respond very well with that way of nurturing. Another thing to remember is to make sure that if this is grown indoors, it should be well ventilated.

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