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Animal Blues

Created by In House Genetics, Animal Blues was produced. This strain is a hybrid, cross between perennial favorite Animal Cookies and the colorful Platinum Blueberry Kush. The result is a colorful and fragrant and offers a creative state type of high and a relaxing calmness when used.

Animal Blues have a unique scent of sweetness, combining the berries and that earthy musky smell. The fragrance of the smoke is well presented as thick smoke with sour and fruity berry flavor.

Flavor and Effects of Animal Blues

The flavors of Animal Blues are a combination of a mentholated type of strain with a kick of citrus. This strain has a relaxing and enjoyable euphoric effect. It can make you feel focused, uplifted, and talkative. Suitable for people who want to socialize.

Medical Benefits of Animal Blues

This strain comes with a relaxing effect which is perfect for patients suffering from pain and cramps, because of its potent analgesic effects. In some cases, they have healing properties of people suffering from stress and depression. Animal Blues also has properties to ease the Spasticity of the body.

Negative Effects of Animal Blues

The only adverse effect of Animal Blues is the drying of the mouth.

Growing Animal Blues

This indica- dominant hybrid can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. And with proper care, Animal Blues is ready for harvest within 8 to 9 weeks. This strain can give higher yield at maturity. Take note that this strain can be more productive if planted in a hot and humid climate. In some cases, the consistent daytime sunlight, the better.

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