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Angel OG

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This strain is a cross between Blackberry and OG Kush. It places the body in its mellow effects and perfect relaxation you might need at the end of the day. It is almost void of CBD, and it can cause intoxication, so it’s appropriate for experienced smokers. It’s also a therapeutic stain with forest green nugs with thin, light orange hairs and tiny, light amber, crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Angel OG

The aroma is filled with fresh woody and earthy smell with a touch of berries. It has a nice flavor of freshly picked blackberries accented by earthy pine. It has a strong head high together with powerful body buzz. The consumers are stuck in a euphoric state and pure relaxation. Mind race will occur, and it improves creativity.

Medical Benefits of Angel OG

It’s mainly efficient in handling pain like headaches, spasms and migraines, and inflammation. It enhances the mood of people who have stress, anxiety, and depression. They will feel carefree as it gets rid of any negativity. It curbs the symptoms of appetite loss and nausea.

Negative Effects of Angel OG

This strain, like any other breeds, leaves users with dry eyes and cottonmouth. Dizziness may happen in a rare chance.

Growing Angel OG

Since this is an Indica-dominant strain, you can have a 12/12 light schedule, so the flowering stage comes sooner when planted indoors. The screen of the Green method would help growers would help this strain grow fast. It can also be grown outdoors, and in this case, you should check it closely for mold or mildew. The necessary processes for this issue are proper humidity and watering, ventilation and trimming leaves.