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This is a strong Indica-dominant strain with effects that are akin to the definition of its name. It’s extremely sedative, and it can take smokers to Dreamland. Whazzup developed this breed from blending Herojuana and Afghan Skunk in 2007. It was chosen as the Breeder’s Choice by Sannie’s Seeds, a Dutch company. It grows dense flowers that are coated with crystals.

Flavor and Effects of Anesthesia

This strain contains earthy taste and smells with tones of skunk and musk. The high it gives sets in right away, along with its sedative properties. It puts the body into a real deal of relaxation. It will strike you with hunger so you can use the euphoria to be creative in the kitchen.

Medical Benefits of Anesthesia

It does an awesome job of defeating pain that comes from cramps, headaches, muscle tension, and even if it’s chronic. It helps people battle with insomnia. With just a low dose, it can alleviate nausea and appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Anesthesia

The adverse effects of this strain are cottonmouth, dizziness, and paranoia, so newbies should be aware of their limits.

Growing Anesthesia

This weed will flourish indoor and outdoor cultivation. It’s best to grow it in an organic way, and it loves to be nourished by calcium-rich compost. It needs to have some space due to its branching, and when you grow it indoors, it needs regular pruning. It has a strong aroma, so you might want to set up a smell-proof system. When you start with a small pot, it will also result in a small plant, but 2-3 liters pots will do just fine.