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Ancient OG

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This is another world-class strain with soothing effects from Bodhi Seeds. It is a hybrid strain from the mix of Snow Lotus and an Iranian landrace. The unique aroma is quite inviting for smokers to indulge in. Aside from that, this smoke will spark inspiration whenever you have a boring day. It’s easygoing and not to mention that it gives minimal adverse effects to its consumers.

It is a short and wide plant with heavy and thick branches that can carry nugs with an odor that can be detected even a mile away. It has small nugs in the shade of mint green with frosted transparent trichomes and thick resin that gives the rich sheen in color and texture.

Flavor and Effects of Ancient OG

It smells and tastes of sweet earthy pine. The minty will cover your mouth with mint, and the naughty aftertaste has a sweetness on it. Its zesty aroma is appetizing while you’ll be soaring on the seventh heaven. Excitement and energy are both activated together with the effects. A mild buzz joins the scene. The high becomes spacey and introspective.

When the high subsides, hunger drives the users to grab some food immediately.

Medical Benefits of Ancient OG

This strain is useful in medical practice as it can handle several conditions like insomnia. Though it’s a chronic case, it has the ability to give relaxation to a person from head to toe in order to induce sleepiness. It defeats chronic pain like migraines and muscle aches. It also fixes eating disorders that are has risen from some diseases or some heavy treatments. Some patients may have appetite loss and nausea, and this strain gives them a favor in putting an order in their stomach and intestines.

It is commonly given to cancer patients to stop them from feeling nauseous as it is a side effect of chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of Ancient OG

The advantage of smoking this strain is that its side effects are mostly minor. But it’s not an exemption from common reactions from smoking strain, which are dry mouth and irritated eyes. Other unwanted effects are dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia but they have a slim chance from happening.

Growing Ancient OG

It can grow both outdoors and indoors. It can survive any conditions as long as it stays warm and kept in a sheltered spot. The common method used for this strain is Sea of Green, as it can make harvest earlier than the normal span of time. It gives growers the favor of maximizing space, especially when there’s not much vacancy indoors. But it doesn’t mean it will affect the quality and quantity of harvest.

SOG method needs to have 12/12 lighting. It is a good guideline whether you plant this strain through seeds or clippings.