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Ancient Kush

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Thought its genetic background is not on records, it has the classic attributes of Afghani Indica. Bodhi did the remake by crossing Snow Lotus to Persian Indica. It has the aged dazing high that is suitable for your relaxation time. It grows small, minty green buds that are covered by dark orange pistils and frosted transparent trichomes. It has resins that are rich in color and texture.

Flavor and Effects of Ancient Kush

It releases the aroma of pine, diesel, and pungent skunk and the flavor doesn’t have much difference, but it is a bit mellow. The effects hit the mood first to be enhanced to give way to creativity. It gives energy that invigorates the body, and it makes its users productive without getting tired quickly. It is also a natural aphrodisiac.

Medical Benefits of Ancient Kush

The main strength of this strain in medical use is able to alleviate stress, depression and chronic pain. It has sedative properties that work well for those conditions. It handles nausea and appetite loss by utilizing its stimulating effect.

Negative Effects of Ancient Kush

Cottonmouth feels, and dry, red eyes are experienced by users with any kind of strain. Dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety affect those who are not used to strong potency.

Growing Ancient Kush

This strain can grow indoors and outdoors, and it has a branchy structure. When cultivated indoors, growers should bend their branches as they tend to spread wide during the vegetative period. The Sea of Green method would help you to maximize the space and grow healthier buds. When it’s planted outdoors, it prefers a warm climate, but you can expose it to a colder temperature so it will have vibrant colors.