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Amnesia is a famous sativa-leaning cannabis strain with some variety among breeders. Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer are some of Amnesia’s hereditary pioneers, carrying on uplifting, artistic, and euphoric influences that is ideal for handling mood troubles.

This strain delights growers as it offers an abundant yield. Amnesia strain commonly has a powerful THC level and fair CBD form and provides strong psychotropic impacts that new users should be careful of. Amnesia will cause users to boost their energy, which is frequently accompanied by a floating body tingling sensations.

 Flavor and Effects of Amnesia

This strain possesses a full-flavored haze in the inhale, savoring like fresh pine and rich earthiness. Amnesia strain holds hints of citrus and is wildly pungent, giving a strong, sticky-sweet flavor in your palate even after the exhale. This strain is an amazingly stiff variant and should be tried only by more seasoned users. Amnesia completely can make you ignore things through the duration of the high, making you feel comfortable and trouble-free, even in the most challenging conditions.

 Medical Benefits of Amnesia

This is the perfect strain for medical patients who just can’t obtain relief in less powerful strains. This sativa-dominant cannabis is excellent at remedying the incurable, enabling sufferers to find relief when they are long-time patients of stress disturbances, permitting them to be relaxed and free of their problems. This strain has established itself to be the ideal option for those who are wanting to ease their persistent pain since it can rectify a collection of infirmities, like muscle spasms, inflammations, and arthritis, as well as headaches and chronic migraines. Amnesia is powerful marijuana that can help alleviate feelings of anxiety as well as indications from PTSD disorders and other traumas.

Negative Effects of Amnesia

Amnesia can likely produce some slightly annoying adverse reactions, particularly to those who are not used to its potency. This strain can make you seem paranoid, causing you to over-think and seem nervous for no reason at all. This cannabis typically gives a state of dry mouth with dry and itchy eyes that can make you feel lightly dehydrated and thirsty. This strain can make you feel anxious in some isolated incidents, often coupled with a soft state of dizziness, although this happens mostly when this smoke is used in massive doses.

 Growing Amnesia

This strain is a potentially high-yielding cannabis type, presenting it a favorite choice among raisers who are trying an easy-to-cultivate strain. Amnesia strain relishes a healthful and temperate outdoor atmosphere, preferably one of the Mediterranean kind. if you intend to keep this plant outdoors in a more northern climate, then it is ideal to take this plant indoors.