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Amnesia Pupil

Amnesia Pupil

It is the modern Purple Haze version of Mass Medical Strains. This high yielding purple Sativa dominant strain is from the blend of Amnesia Haze and Star Pupil. It has purple, large buds that grow on a plant that has huge stature. Most phenotypes are purple haze dominant, and the recessive one is a shorter version. It has a quick flowering time, so it won’t let you wait for it for a long time.

It has a sharp and bright aroma to coincide with its tastiness. Once you touch it, its scent will stick and stay on your hands for some time. Since it tastes so good, you have to control yourself from overusing. It is best consumed during the day.

Flavor and Effects of Amnesia Pupil

It has a buttery taste, while the aroma is like a solvent with notes of lemon. The high will uplift your being. This effect will fuel your imagination as your creativity also excels. It has psychoactive properties that can sometimes suppress appetite. So it can help you to lose weight.

Medical Benefits of Amnesia Pupil

It can provide relief for pain and mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Negative Effects of Amnesia Pupil

It has common side effects like any other strain, which are itchy eyes and dry mouth. They can be easily reversed by hydration.

Growing Amnesia Pupil

It can thrive outdoors, but it grows best indoors. Things can be controlled by the grower in an indoor plantation. A good ventilation system and an appropriate lighting system are essential things for its growth. Of course, you have to grow it with good intentions, care, and love.