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Amnesi-K Lemon

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Amnesi-K Lemon is a mixture of potent strains Amnesia, Lemon Skunk and Jack Herer by Kannabia Breeders based in Spain. This gave birth to a sativa dominant plant with green spade-shaped leaves with cloudy trichomes and overloaded with resins. The plant gives off a sweet aroma with earthy overtones. It can thrive either indoors or outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Amnesi-K Lemon

Amnesi-K Lemon tastes skunky and earthy on the first puffs, but it leaves a sweet aftertaste of citrus, grapefruits, and lemon once it is exhaled. The euphoric effect rushes quickly and can be enjoyed for a couple of hours. You will feel uplifted. It will clear your mind of any negative thoughts and emotions. It is like being in a haze of amnesia. You will forget everything troubling you and it will be instantly replaced by positive thought, creativity, focus and concentration. The flow of ideas is so overwhelming it will make you more sociable. After a few hours, the effect will start to wane off. It will now start massaging your whole body, removing pain and tensions so you can achieve the overall relaxation experience.

Medical Benefits of Amnesi-K Lemon

Amnesi-K Lemon is not only good for recreational purposes but also in easing mental and physical discomforts. Its energizing abilities are perfect for anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder patients. The strain can help stabilize their mood swifts and can replace any feelings of hopelessness and despair with happiness and contentment. The focus and concentration part is good for ADD and ADHD. It can also induce hunger for those with appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Amnesi-K Lemon

Amnesi-K Lemon can deliver dryness of mouth, eyes and a parched throat. These are easy to combat as you just need to have refreshments nearby. Stay within the limits of your tolerance so you won’t experience anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Amnesi-K Lemon Some information and Tips

Amnesi-K Lemon will thrive well in a hydroponics setup. Due to its sativa genes, it is no wonder that it can grow tall. Trimming or pruning is important to ensure adequate light and airflow. Always check the soil pH. In watering, ensure the soil is completely dry. Watering when soil is moist or damp will drown the plant and even cause molds.