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Amethyst is a hybrid cannabis strain created from the crossbreeding of the strains Sage N Sour and Granddaddy Purple. This hybrid strain’s effects and qualities are a cross between indica and sativa, and it may be both energizing and inciting at the same time.

Amethyst is a cannabis strain that was developed to heighten senses. It gave a focused and distinct message. This is the ideal strain for those who like to enjoy activities while still being creative. This strain is well-known for its sweet and sour flavor, accented by hints of citrus and flowery notes.

Flavor and Effects of Amethyst

Among the flavors of Amethyst are grape flavors that are delicious, sweet, and tart, combined with flowery notes. When inhaled, this strain has a peppery, berry flavor that transitions into a sour grape flavor. When consumed, this strain offers an uplifting and euphoric effect, making it an excellent companion for relaxing time. It can make you feel joyful, calm, and creative, making it a good choice for a daytime strain.

Medical Benefits of Amethyst

Those who are suffering from excessive depression and stress should consider wearing amethyst. It is also suitable for those who suffer from chronic pain and exhaustion on an intermittent basis.

Negative Effects of Amethyst

You may experience dry lips and dry eyes while using this strain. Both first-time users of Amethyst and those who take it regularly may experience dry mouth.

Growing Amethyst

Growing Amethyst is a relatively simple it can be grown indoors and outdoors with little difficulty. When it comes to Amethyst, the flowering period is between 9 and 10 weeks. A healthy Amethyst strain can produce a yield between 12 and 14 ounces per square meter, whether it is grown indoors or outdoors. This strain prefers to grow in a warm climate.