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This hybrid strain was made to attract people who are on vacation in Canada. Enterprise Seeds bred this enjoyable strain by pairing Skunk#1 and Northern Lights. It’s a well-rounded kind that lets consumers enjoy its taste and effects while patients get medical benefits from it. If you want to be alone and at peace on your day off or on some nights, this is the perfect chill buddy for you.

Flavor and Effects of Americano

It has a sweet, skunky, musky aroma while the flavor plays on the taste of sweet pine blended and pungent skunk on the exhale. It has an immediate euphoric that awakens creativity and energy for social interaction and exploration. The relaxing buzz creeps through the body, so smokers are couch-lock until they embrace the sleepiness.

Medical Benefits of Americano

It improves the mood of people who are stuck in depression or stress. It leads individuals who have insomnia and sleeping disorders to the track of the normal sleeping pattern. It can boost the appetite, and it can soothe the pain. It is one of those strains that can increase libido and fix erectile dysfunction.

Negative Effects of Americano

It has minimal side effects, and they’re common such as dry, irritated eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Americano

This strain will flourish indoor and outdoor cultivation. When you give this plant aggressive nutrients, you can have the harvest in as early as six weeks. This breed usually gives higher yield so it can make growers interested. You’ll know it’s ready when the resin is visible.